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The word "Mizpah" is from Hebrew language which means "Watch Tower"

Watch. Find. Assist

Watch around to find the vulnerable and to Assist them to be self-sustained and whole.
MIZPAH is a Social Service Organization by the like-minded through co-operation and collaborations effectively contribute to the social and economic development of the geographic width and length of India.
Mizpah SSO Launched in November 2006 with an aim of transforming undeveloped villages into India’s best model Villages.
Amongst the many initiatives, Mizpah SSO is chiefly focused on Food and Nutrition Security, Education, Housing and Sanitation, Healthcare, Mother and Child care, Roads and Infrastructure, Drinking water, Farming and Ground water conservation etc.

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MIZPAH is taking measures to solve the problem of poverty and unemployment predominantly by reaching out to them through several projects like MFSCP, MWP, MASDP and to acquaint them of EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES, SELF EMPLOYMENT SKILLS / TRADE, IMPORTANCE OF SAFE DRINKING WATER, PROPER SANITATION etc.

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social change.

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Village Adoption

Mizpah will build houses for the homeless, as well as renovate the existing houses.


Implement self-employment
schemes to increase household income.


Support the farmers to increase their productivity by providing them the training